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Team Coaching...

If you have a job, you’ll be part of a team. Your team may be small, it may be big. It may be a leadership team, it may be a project team.

Whatever the nature of the team, would you say it’s high performing?

Team dysfunction and toxic environments result in unhappiness, high stress, poor health and mental wellbeing, poor performance, high attrition and poor outcomes. It’s a high price to pay.

It is vital in today’s VUCA world to put time and energy into developing an environment which creates the conditions that are essential for high performance and happy people. The resulting culture is something that will attract top talent to your organisation.

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What does a dysfunctional team look like?

No trust
Poor, scarce or disrespectful communication
Fear or avoidance of dissent
Lack of commitment
Poor morale or low/no motivation
Little or no accountability
Poor attention to detail
Late or incorrect outcomes
No appetite to learn or experiment
Fear of failure
No fun
High employee attrition
Directionless, unaligned
Stagnation, no new ideas
Rigid and process driven

What does a high performing team look like?

Strong trust, with shared values
Open, honest and respectful communication
Curiosity, critical thinking and challenge are welcomed and encouraged
Full commitment and strong collaboration
Strong morale, highly motivated and engaged
Personal accountability and holding others accountable
High quality output
Desired outcomes that meet or exceed expectations, delivered on time
Time set aside for learning, supporting others and embracing experimentation
Failure is an important part of learning
Lots of fun, fulfilment and enjoyment
Low employee attrition
Clear, known mission and purpose
Innovative and creative
Flexible and agile
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Are you struggling with agility within your team or organisation?

This might show up as:

  • An uncertainty on how to go about ‘becoming agile’ across the organisation, or progressing to the ‘next level’.
  • Strategies are unclear or there are too many or conflicting strategic priorities across the organisation.
  • Not addressing pan-organisational hierarchical structures and ways of working, which may be becoming inefficient and outdated, resulting in your inability to quickly and flexibly meet the rapidly changing shape and needs of your environment, be it from the customer, regulator, competitors etc.
  • Teams adopting agile ways of working but not quite delivering the value for customers at the velocity originally agreed with business sponsors, which may adversely impact rollout of strategies and reduce competitiveness.
  • Teams aren’t very good at estimating and forecasting, or retrospectives have become ineffective because your team are too focussed on looking back, or they aren’t addressing dysfunction even if small, or there are too many time-wasting handoffs to other teams, or stand-ups have stagnated, or velocity of value delivery isn’t increasing or is badly measured, if at all, or a product owner is nowhere to be seen, or the team has inadequate tooling, or not given sufficient time or funding to adopt great tooling…
  • Emphasis is being placed on delivery of value at all costs, but at the detriment of people’s happiness, career progression, a sense of fulfilment and purpose, resulting in high rates of staff attrition and the associated costs – which are not just monetary.

What will you get by working with me?

If you recognise any of these issues or dysfunctions within your team or your organisation, and you’re ready to co-create a better way for the sake of your people, your organisation and your customers, please contact me via the Get In Touch page and we can discuss and explore how I can help.

I can work with your team to

  • Discover shared values that everyone will live by at work.
  • Explore and develop the team’s purpose, which will be aligned to the organisation’s mission and strategy.
  • Bring out into the open the behaviours that will enable people to build strong, collaborative and co-operative relationships that will support people to thrive and produce their best work.
  • Explore, discuss and agree a Team Charter that will guide them in their relationship building.
  • Develop the team’s emotional resilience to change, given that change is a certainty in today’s world.
  • Co-create an environment of psychological safety.
  • Meet them where they are at in terms of their journey with Agile frameworks and agility mindset, behaviours and practices.


I have years of experience, through my corporate career and as a leader, and team and agile coach, in both small and large organisations, working with individuals and teams to find their way to becoming cohesive, supportive and high-performing teams, who find meaning in what they do and develop respect and pride in themselves and each other.

With people in your organisation like that, just imagine what it can result in for your customers. Take care of your people, create the environment for the people to take care of each other, and the rest will follow.

Let's get started...

Get in touch with me to explore how I could support you with your personal journey or your team’s journey to the top of your mountain. You matter. Your team matters. Your journey matters. I’m here to help.

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