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In a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity for businesses, and facing competition on a global scale, it is clear that what got many business leaders to where they are now is not necessarily the same skill- or mindset needed to help them confidently drive tangible organisational success into the future. Many leaders have said, when surveyed, that they are suffering from overwhelm, stress and burnout due to long hours, competing demands and growing complexity, and are struggling to find the time to take vacations, let alone invest in their own leadership development. All sorts of complex and fast-changing environmental factors are demanding that leaders raise the effectiveness bar of their leadership to greater heights, and, given the direct correlation to business performance, it is crucial that they are able to dig deeply into their creativity and resilience to do so.
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Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • Do you find yourself trying to control things through micro-management and by disempowering others, perhaps telling yourself it’s quicker if you do it yourself?
  • Are you regularly ‘in the weeds’ of someone else’s detail instead of focussing on the bigger picture, longer-term strategies and vision for your division or organisation?
  • Are you able to take time to build strong collaborative relationships with colleagues, including mentoring and coaching of your wider team?
  • Do you take the time to read the room, to patiently listen and learn from others, to remain curious and invite all voices to be heard, including those who dissent, or, in the interests of time, do you direct, tell and run?
  • Are you courageously authentic, speaking up against the grain when needed, or do you remain silent, safe and complying to ‘keep the peace’ or stay in favour of those more senior?
  • Do you have genuine concern for your organisation’s wider community? Do you care if they are overloaded, have a good work-life balance, are working at a manageable pace in order to deliver high quality work, or are you cracking the whip and ignoring the impact of vast amounts of overtime being worked on a consistent basis to keep up with demand?
  • Are you over-promising to those who shout the loudest, or under-delivering against key performance targets, with no clear way to break the pattern?
  • Are you working long hours, on a regular basis, just to keep up, exacerbating the overwhelm and risking burnout, and perhaps expecting others to do the same?
  • Or, do you lose control and shout, ridicule others in your frustration, or use sarcasm to put others ‘in their place’ when they challenge your thinking?

If you see yourself in any of these questions, it’s time to pause. Because it could be that your reactive tendencies are in control of your leadership and reducing your effectiveness and potential as a leader.

Or, it could be that you don’t recognise yourself in any of these questions. From your perspective, you’re a strong creative leader, colleagues like and respect you, and seem to happily follow you. But how do you really know? And does that mean there’s no room for improvement? No opportunity for personal growth? No untapped potential?

Remember, if you don’t choose change, you’re choosing what you have.

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