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Mountain High Coaching

agile coach and scrum master

It takes courage to start climbing…

Welcome! My name is Christina Hutchinson.

I have nearly 40 years’ experience working in large organisations across the financial, life assurance, health insurance and retail industries. I am also a CPCC certified and ICF accredited life coach, ORSC trained team coach, Leadership Circle Profile™ certified, an IC-Agile certified agile coach, and Certified Agile Leadership trained.

I offer leadership, team and life coaching for both individuals and teams who are ready to get to the top of their proverbial mountain, whatever that proverbial mountain represents.

It may be higher performance, it may be more effective leadership, it may be a more cohesive and aligned team, it may be gaining confidence, it may be preparing for a challenging new role or other big life event. It may be something else.

…and grit and determination to keep going

I passionately believe that we are all entitled to lead happy, fulfilled, purposeful, values-driven lives.

Coaching individuals, leaders and teams to reach their peak, whatever that is, however high that is, is my passion and purpose in life, and this is the service I offer. We all have our mountains to climb in life and it can be hard to know how to start a journey to somewhere better or different. Even figuring out what we really want out of our life can be tough. On our various mountains of life, we can feel like we’re stuck on a ledge, or we get lost in a valley, or we don’t climb as high as we’re truly capable of and settle for less, or we don’t have the confidence to take the first step at the foot of the mountain. If this sounds familiar to you in some way, you may be thinking:
  • What’s next?
  • Am I good enough?
  • I don’t know what I want from my life, but it isn’t this
  • I know what I want but I don’t know how to get it
  • This team sucks, we don’t communicate, we aren’t working together and we aren’t delivering our best work
  • I have options but I don’t know how to decide
  • I don’t feel safe on this team, I get interrupted, my ideas are ignored, and no-one will help me when I need it
  • I feel overwhelmed, burnt out and stressed leading in today’s world and I need to understand how I show up as a leader so I can lead effectively and creatively, with confidence and competence
confidence coach

Take your first step…

If it’s not time now for a new strategy, then when? What is the cost to you of doing nothing?

Through working with me, you’ll learn more about yourself and who you really are.

You’ll gain clarity on what you want to do and why.

You’ll discover your inner strengths and inner powers.

You’ll reach the goals you deserve to reach.

If you’re a team, you’ll identify your shared values and purpose, you’ll find open and honest communication, you’ll find alignment and effectiveness.

You’ll build your confidence. You’ll conquer your mountain.

You’ll unleash your leadership creativity and start living up to your potential.

certified life coach

My promise…

I will be by your side, every step of the way, to support you, challenge you, cheer for you and believe in you like our lives depend on it. I will bring my combined experience of life, leadership and coaching and together we will dig deep, explore the twists and turns, try out and try on, to reveal and discover the real you, where your confidence, strong voice, self-belief and your power of choice emerges on the journey.

If not now, then when?

You have the power to take control, to make the changes you long for, to live the life you deserve.

If you’re ready for your journey of discovery, contact me via the Let’s Get Started page if you would like to explore how I could support you with your personal journey or your team’s journey to the top of your mountain.

You matter. Your leadership matters. Your team matters. Your journey matters. I’m here to help.

Individual Coaching

For individuals who want something fulfilling and purposeful for themselves and are ready to embark on the journey.


For teams who are ready for cohesion, alignment, healthy challenge and high performance.


For leaders, or aspiring leaders, who are ready to take their leadership to new levels of creativity and effectiveness.

My education & accreditations…

The Power of Embodied Coaching, with Coaches Rising and the Strozzi Institute

Including trauma awareness

Scrum Master
Prince2 Practitioner
ITIL 3.0
The Art of Developmental Coaching, with Coaches Rising.
Leadership Circle Profile™
Certified Practitioner
ITIL 3.0
Mountain High Coaching