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About Me...

I’ve had a career spanning almost 40 years, and at some point, I can’t really pinpoint when, I realised that I wasn’t really happy doing what I was doing. And neither were many of the people around me. I was good at what I did, and I always did my best. But something was missing. I felt out of place. Not really me. My frustration was growing. Something had to shift.

And then I found life, leadership and team coaching. And suddenly it was like planets were aligning and I could breathe more easily. I felt alive. And I just knew I’d found my ‘thing’ in life.

A way to work with people who feel like I had: that something isn’t quite right, that something needs to change, that they are ready for change but aren’t sure what it looks like, that joy, happiness and fulfilment needs to find a way back into their lives, that they aren’t living their best lives or producing their best work.

agile scrum master

A way to work with leaders who are struggling to show up as their best, most creative, effective and resilient selves, because they’re overwhelmed by long hours, increasing complexity and uncertainty in a global context, and competing demands from all directions.

Through my work, I feel privileged to go on amazing journeys with people, to see them come to life when they dig deep and discover more about themselves and who they really are and how they want to be in the world, with themselves and with others, and what they want to achieve in their lives.

That lightbulb moment when they realise they hold the power to make their lives whatever they wish, and have a wealth of creativity and resourcefulness to conquer their own mountains.

No matter how small, or how big, transformation is transformation.

And what do I bring to the table? Me. Filled with curiosity, positivity, hope and belief. Fully engaged. Determined. I will challenge you. I bring honesty, trust and truth-telling. I do not bring judgement. Together we will build a place of safety for you to explore, discover, try out, try on, and transform.

I bring a different way.

The Power of Embodied Coaching, with Coaches Rising and the Strozzi Institute

Including trauma awareness

Scrum Master
Prince2 Practitioner
ITIL 3.0
The Art of Developmental Coaching, with Coaches Rising.
Leadership Circle Profile™
Certified Practitioner
ITIL 3.0

Let's get started...

Get in touch with me to explore how I could support you with your personal journey or your team’s journey to the top of your mountain. You matter. Your team matters. Your journey matters. I’m here to help.

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